School support program

KIST strives to provide an education to children from various socio-economic backgrounds by keeping tuition fees as low as possible. One of the ways this is made possible is through the School Support Program (SSP) in which parents participate in particular duties. This helps us offset the cost of employing additional ancillary staff. The SSP duty option currently covers school bus attendant duty.


In order to make the SSP as fair as possible, participation, whether through completion of duties or payment of an annual fee, is compulsory for all families.


For families who choose the duty option, the number of duties required per year is based on the timing of initial enrollment, regardless of the number of children in the family enrolled at the school. For the fee option, the amount due is calculated by multiplying the number of required duties by 25,000 yen, the rate per duty. The table below indicates the number of duties required versus fees (in Japanese yen).


School Support Program Duties Vs. Fees
Timing of initial enrollment Annual number of duties Annual fee option
August - December 2 50,000
January - May 1 25,000
June 0 0