School governance

K. International School Tokyo is a privately owned and run school led by a Board of Directors. Decisions related to the operation and management of the school as a whole lie with the Board. The Board promotes high standards of learning and achievement and ensures that the school's operation is in line with the vision of the school's founding and educational philosphy. Commencing with the appointment of the Head of School, the Board is responsible for determining the strategic direction for the school, allocating the budget and various other duties.

The School Director is responsible for overseeing the business of the school as a corporation. Specific duties are divided between the members of the Board who act to support the School Director. The Board as a whole is responsible for checking that all duties have been performed as required.

Board members are elected according to Japanese private school law. The Head of School must be included as a member of the Board. Board members have a genuine interest in education and a commitment to ensuring the best possible education for students. They undertake their roles on a voluntary basis and are prepared to share their knowledge, skills and experience for the good of the school as a whole.

The Board consists of seven members including the school founders/directors, the Head of School, the corporate office manager, a legal representative, a financial specialist and a parent. Board members make up their own minds about matters that come before the Board and act in the best interest of the school and its students.