Learning spaces

In August 2006, KIST relocated to its current campus at Shirakawa in Koto-ku. The site, formerly owned by the Koto-ku government, was purchased by our school founders as part of their dream to expand the school facilities and services. Prior to KIST, the site was occupied by the former Shirakawa Elementary School which operated from 1950 until its closure and amalgamation with Meiji Elementary School in 2002.

Before taking over the site, the exisiting buildings (Main Building, Gymnasium) were inspected for earthquake resistance and the presence of asbestos. To meet strict regulations governing school buildings, various renovations were completed before we moved in. In addition, all bathrooms were upgraded with western-style toilets and all classrooms were fitted with air conditioning. Interior walls were also given a fresh coat of paint thanks to the cooperation of KIST students and their families as well as staff.

In November 2008, construction of the West Building was commenced as part of an extensive school redevelopment project. The 4-storied building, which opened in August 2009 in time for the start of the 2009 - 2010 school year, contains general classrooms, specialist classrooms for art and music, the Junior Library and a multipurpose room. The main school entrance, incorporating the school reception counter, is also part of this building.

Current learning spaces include:

  • General and specialist classrooms
  • Science laboratories
  • Computer laboratories
  • Libraries (Junior Library, Main Library)
  • Gymnasium
  • Multipurpose room

Outdoor facilities consist of a large communal playground, a rooftop area and a separate play area for K1 to K3 students.

The communal playground is used by both elementary and secondary students and consists of a playing field covered with high quality artificial turf, and an undercover and deck area with tables and chairs. During recess times students have access to a range of sporting equipment and developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Many of our sporting clubs and teams also use this area for their after school and weekend practices.

The rooftop area is an open area available to all departments of the school. It is used for a wide range of activities including drama and music practice and sport as well as a general recreation space during recess times.

The ECE playground, for K1 to K3 students, focuses on a wide range of developmentally appropriate outdoor experiences for children from three to six years old. This space is viewed as an extension of the indoor learning environment and is planned for as such. It includes experiences for gross and fine motor development as well as dramatic play and construction.

To increase opportunities for students to participate in a variety of sporting activities, students also visit off-campus sporting facilities such as athletics stadiums, sports grounds and swimming pools.