The forms on this page can be used to arrange, make changes to or cancel any part of your child's schedule. After completing the appropriate form, please e-mail it to the school office at



Temporary Absence Application Form

Extended Leave of Absence Application Form


Administrative Matters

Before Care After Care Application Form (K1 - G3)

Change of Registered Details Form

Free Tutoring Service Request Form

Parental Consent Form

Documentation Request Form

Documentation Request Form (G12 Graduates) (for use only by students who have already graduated from Grade 12 at KIST)

School ID Card Application Form

Student Withdrawal Form



Donation Form


Health Matters

Permission to Administer Medication


IT Matters

KIST Student Laptop Requirements

Student Device Registration Form (G9-G12)


School Lunch Service

School Lunch Order Form

Elementary School Daily Lunch Order Form

School Lunch Menus:

School Lunch Menu: August, September, October 2024

School Lunch Menu: November, December 2024

School Lunch Menu: January, February, March 2025

School Lunch Menu: April, May, June 2025



School Bus Application Form (K1 - G5)  

Student Pick Up Authorization Form (K1 - K3)

School Bus Stop Pick Up Agreement (G1 - G5)

School Bus Timetable

Student Concession Pass Verification Request Form >>

Two forms are required to apply for a student concession pass. Both forms (A4-sized and B6-sized) are available to pick up outside the main office window counter. After completing both forms in full, please submit them together to the office. Please be aware that issuance will be delayed if any information is missing on your forms. Your child's student ID number is required.



School Uniform Order - Top of the Class