Giving to KIST

Tax deductible donations
KIST welcomes donations from both individuals and corporations from the school and wider communities. Donations are used to improve and expand the quality of our facilities and services in order to enrich the educational experiences of our students. Specifically, donations help us to:
  • Expand and improve the physical school environment.
  • Purchase equipment and resources for the classroom.
KIST was accredited as a "tokutei koeki zoshin hojin" (a "charitable organization for the purpose of continued public benefit") by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on September 26, 2014. According to tax law, an amount of money given to the school specifically as a donation can be deducted from an individual or corporation's annual income; however, donations made at the time of first enrollment before the first day of school are not recognized under this policy.
After receiving a donation, the school will issue a receipt as well as a copy of our certificate of recognition as a charitable organization. To claim the deduction, these documents must be submitted to your local tax office when you lodge your annual income tax return. Please note that money donated can only be allocated for pre-determined purposes such as the expansion of educational facilities or the construction of new school buildings, or for specific purchases such as machines, equipment, textbooks and teaching materials that are recognized as being for the purpose of continued public benefit.

Deductible donations made by individuals
For individuals donating to a charitable organization, donated amounts may be accepted as tax deductions. The amount allowable may be considered as 1) an income reduction calculated by deducting 2,000 yen from the total amount of annual donations and deducting the amount remaining from the individual's total annual income, or 2) as a tax reduction calculated by deducting 2,000 yen from the total amount of annual donations and deducting 40% of the amount remaining from the individual's annual tax payment. For either method, the amount allowable is limited to 40% of the total annual income, provided that a tax return is submitted for that year. Please consult your tax agent or local tax office for more information.
For resident's tax (both prefectural and municipal), the amount of deductible donations allowable is calculated differently from that of income tax. This calculation depends on your place of residence as of January 1 in the year after the donation was made and differs from area to area. Please consult your prefectural or city/town office for details.

Deductible donations made by a corporation
The maximum amount of deductible donations a corporation may make to a non-charitable organization is normally calculated as follows:
([Corporation's capital x 0.375%] plus [Corporation's annual pre-tax income x 6.25%]) divided by 2 = Allowable amount
In the case of a charitable organization, however, the deductible amount is calculated as follows:
([Corporation's capital x 0.25%] plus [Corporation's annual pre-tax income x 2.5%]) divided by 4 = Allowable amount
Please refer to the Corporate Tax Law and the Corporate Tax Enforcement Order or consult your tax agent, accountant or local tax office for more information. 

How to make a donation 
To make a donation to KIST, please submit the Donation Form to the school office. At the same time, please deposit your donation into the following bank account:
Bank name: Mizuho Bank (Bank number: 0001)
Branch name: Honjo Branch (Branch number: 050)
Account type: Regular savings
Account number: 2039806
Account name: Gakkouhoujin K International School Kensetsukifukinguchi
For more information regarding donations and tax law, please contact us.
We sincerely thank you for your support!