Privacy policy

Regulations on the protection of personal information

Educational Foundation K. International School and its subsidiaries, K. International School Tokyo and K. International Preschool (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the school”), defines the fundamental legal terms and proper handling procedures regarding the personal information it collects, and specifies the responsibilities of all employees and staff, et al. who work at the school, regarding the administration of the information.

Based on the idea of personal respect, the school respects the privacy of every individual. It follows the related laws and manages personal information as laid out in the 2022 Amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Personal Information Protection Commission, Japan).

We ask parents/guardians, employees, and other members of the school community to read and agree to the school’s data privacy policy.

1. Definition of personal information

Personal information as expressed in these regulations is defined as information which could identify a certain living individual, or could be used in conjunction with other information to identify a certain individual. Such information may be collected and stored electronically and on paper from individuals as below.

(1) Students currently enrolled at the school or those enrolled previously.

(2) Staff and other associated workers currently employed at the school or those employed previously.

(3) Students applying for admission to the school or those who have applied previously.

(4) People who have made general inquiries to the school or requested information about the school.

(5) Contributors or donors to the school.

(6) Parents, guardians, family members, relatives, guarantors and others associated with those listed in (1) through (5) above.

2. Business operator for the handling of personal information

Takako Komaki, Board President
School Foundation K. International School
1-5-15 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo

3. Collection and usage of personal information

The school collects personal data in a number of waysthrough the school website, application for admission and enrollment forms, surveys and other general interactions in the course of school activities.

The school collects and stores data, including sensitive personal data, when it is provided to us from community members, including but not limited to:

  • Personal information such as name, ID/passport details, date of birth, marital status, gender, nationality.
  • Family information, including nationality and ethnicity.
  • Student health and relevant medical information.
  • Contact information such as address, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers.
  • Past and current academic records including special educational needs, schools attended, courses of study, periods of study and academic results.
  • Employment information, including company name, job title, business telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Billing information including bank details.
  • Photographs, images and videos featuring members of the school community.
  • Background and employment history of staff.
  • Personal information identified through the use of security cameras and the like.

Personal information will only be acquired for appropriate educational and research purposes, for use in emergencies, or as required for the operation of the school.

Personal information will be acquired on a voluntary basis; however, services provided by the school may be restricted if the acquired information does not comply with or meet the school's needs (if not enough information is provided).

Personal information will only be used for the following purposes.

(1) To provide various services relating to the education and well-being of students.

(2) To make decisions regarding student admission.

(3) To manage expenses regarding the school's operation such as requesting school fees.

(4) To issue various certificates.

(5) To provide various documents and guidance.

(6) To carry out questionnaires, and to gather and analyze various statistical data, etc.

(7) To carry out any other general school operations not indicated in (1) to (6) above.

The school will not use personal information for any other purpose, except as listed in (1) to (7) above, without the consent from those whose information would be used. If the above items (1) to (7) are altered, the school will either notify the party whose personal information would be used under the alteration, or will release a list of revised purposes to the public.

The school will never sell personal information.

4. Management of personal information

The school highly respects personal information and will take appropriate steps to prevent any unlawful access, loss or leakage. If any problem should occur, the school will act promptly to resolve it. This will be based on the idea of respect for personal information and the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law.

Furthermore, for the purposes listed in (1) to (7) above, the school may entrust personal information to a third party. The school will also supervise the party to confirm that personal information is properly managed.

Access to special care personal information, such as medical history records, is restricted to appropriate employees. By default, employees only have the most basic access to personal information databases and contact information. Higher levels of access are granted only as necessary.

5. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Personal information will be disclosed to a third party only under the following conditions.

(1) Under the requirements of any law.

(2) Due to the urgent and desperate need to protect a person's life, body, or property.

(3) Due to the urgent and desperate need to improve public welfare or to protect children.

(4) Due to the need to cooperate with a government organization, a local government organization, or to cooperate with a party entrusted by these organizations.

(5) Due to the need to entrust the school's business to a third party in order to achieve the above-listed purposes (1) to (7).

(6) If the person agrees to use his/her personal information for any purpose not listed in (1) to (7) above.

Upon request, the school shares report cards and transcripts with other institutions to assist students in their progression to university or a new school.

The school may also share appropriate personal information to help school operations run safely; for example, information may be provided to bus drivers, parent helpers, medical professionals and extracurricular club organizers.

The school uses a range of software applications to help teachers and students improve learning outcomes. Some basic personal information (e.g. given name/family name, KIST e-mail address, grade, and in rare circumstances, date of birth) may be shared with third-party companies to allow students to access these applications. On occasions, this personal information may be stored by third parties outside of Japan. By consenting to this policy, parents/guardians grant permission to allow the school to create accounts on behalf of enrolled students, when it meets educational objectives. Parents/guardians and students can opt out of individual applications upon request. The school maintains a list of approved applications where personal information may have been provided.

Where personal information is provided to a third party overseas, the school expects the party to comply with data privacy regulations to fall in line with regulations in Japan, and in their location (e.g. COPPA, GDPR).

6. Corrections, deletions, suspension of use and complaints regarding personal information

If a person wishes to correct, delete, suspend the use of or view his/her personal information, he/she should apply to the school's Personal Information Desk as indicated below. To prevent personal information from leaking to a third party, when the school has confirmed that the application was in fact made by that person (or a proper representative of that person), at its discretion, it will take appropriate steps in line with the application.

Complaints regarding the management of personal information should also be made to the Personal Information Desk. If a complaint is received, the school will respond accordingly and promptly.

Personal Information Desk
K. International School Tokyo
1-5-15 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0021
Tel: 03-3642-9993 (English); 03-3642-9992 (Japanese)

7. Revisions to these regulations

Due to a revision of a related law, a change of social circumstances, etc., these regulations may be reasonably revised. If so, the revision will be listed on the school's website or communicated via e-mail. Continued use of the service after the entry into force of the revised policy will constitute confirmation that the user has read and understood the changes. The school encourages community members to regularly review this policy.

Revised May 2022