School tour information

KIST will be closed for the summer vacation from Saturday, June 29 through Sunday, July 28, 2024. We will be unable to respond to any inquiries received during this period until we re-open on Monday, July 29. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tours of the school are conducted for families of prospective students to view the facilities available and briefly observe classes in action. General outlines of the school philosophy, curriculum, admissions policies, application procedures and school fees will also be provided. Before attending a school tour, families are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the school by browsing this website and reading the KIST Admissions Handbook.

School tours are conducted on most school days (Monday to Friday only) during the year. Tours may be scheduled in the morning or afternoon and may take approximately 50 minutes to one hour depending on the area/s of the school you wish to view. Tours are not conducted on weekends, during school holidays (as indicated on the School Calendar), or on the days immediately before and after school vacation periods.

Tours are conducted in either English or Japanese. Please choose the language you are best at communicating in.



Before making a reservation, please read the following conditions carefully:

  • Reservations are essential and must be made at least one week in advance through the online School Tour Reservation Form. We are unable to conduct tours with families who do not have a confirmed reservation.
  • Due to the number of reservations received, school tours are usually only available for families whose children are eligible for current enrollment; that is, children who are or will be three years old or above as of July 31 in the current school year.
  • As far as possible, school tours will be arranged for individual families. There may be times, however, when several families are required to join a tour together.
  • Due to the number of reservations received, we are only able to offer one tour per family. Please arrange a time when all relevant family members are available.
  • Tours are conducted by the school's admissions staff. We are unable to accommodate requests to meet with members of the administration team (Head of School, Area Principals etc.) or specific teachers. 
  • Car parking space is not available at KIST. Please use public transport. If coming by car, please use a public car park. Parking in front of the school or on the streets surrounding the school campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Children of eligible age are welcome to participate in school tours if they wish; however, families with babies or very young children are asked to arrange for care.
  • Due to privacy reasons, we are unable to allow photographs or videos to be taken at any time during a school tour.
  • After the reservation has been confirmed, if you are unable to attend, please contact us in advance to cancel your reservation.

After reading the above conditions, please proceed to the School Tour Reservation Form to place your reservation.