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Admissions Handbook

The Admissions Handbook contains detailed information about KIST's admissions policies, application procedures and school fees. All applicants are required to read the handbook thoroughly before submitting an application.

Application for Admission

To apply for admission to KIST, please click one of the links below to proceed to our online application system. Please be sure to click the correct link for the school year in which you wish your child to join KIST.

If you are accessing the system for the first time, after clicking the appropriate link, please create a new account by clicking the "Create Account" button. After filling in the required details, you will then be able to log in and begin completing the application form.

Please note that the person creating the account must be the applicant's parent or guardian. Only one account should be created per family. Please be sure to remember your log in details as you will need these to log in again in the future.

Important message to non-English speakers:
The online application forms should be viewed in English only. Please do not use automatic web browser translation software to translate the forms to other languages as this may cause some sections of the forms to malfunction or to not appear on the screen correctly.

For admission during the 2024-2025 school year, click the link below:

*Applications for admission from November 2024 to June 2025 will open from October 19, 2024.

For admission during the 2025-2026 school year, click the link below:

  • Application for Admission 2025-2026* Applications open October 2024

*Applications for admission from November 2025 to June 2026 will open from October 2025.

Additional Documentation

Grades 2 and above

For applicants seeking admission to Grades 2 and above only, please submit the following form (English or Japanese).

Grades 8 and above

For applicants seeking admission to Grades 8 and above only, please submit the following form.

Application for Enrollment Deferral

If your child has been accepted to KIST but you wish to apply for an enrollment deferral (as outlined in the Admissions Handbook), please submit the following form before the first day of school.